How to Travel the World Almost for Free

The world of today is fast and furious. It expands with the highest imaginable speed.  Technological advances, social media development, and globalization provide connection anywhere at any time. We live in times of a “Global Village,”meaning the whole world turned into a small settlement where you can reach any location within a matter of hours. Now tourism transformed into one of the largest industries in the world, so getting anywhere, even to some quite remote places is not a problem anymore. You can choose any means of transportation, hotel to stay in, places to visit – anything to fit your needs and desires.

But what if we want to travel…for free? Yes, you heard it right! Free travel is not a fairy tale from a children book, but the reality you can certainly get used to. This might seem like a dream (and it is one), and we can make it come true by providing some tips and tricks to help you find cheap fun things to do while exploring our beautiful planet and travel opportunities that will not break the bank.

Just follow a couple of our advice, and you can see the world free of charge, so to speak.

Free lodging

Firstly, let’s talk about the affordable accommodation. And here is precious advice – go with locals. They are the best source of all kinds of information: where to eat, what to see, and how to have a taste of the native lifestyle. On top of that, they offer free places to stay.

  • Couchsurfing

Try services like Couchsurfing, where you can find lodging for free. Sometimes travel tips, and free breakfast is included. The time of your stay could vary and depends on the host.

  • Hostels/Hotels

If you prefer to stay in hostels, look for those who can give you a bed in exchange for some services at the location. You can stay literally without any charge, as long as you help the administration with some everyday tasks like cleaning or doing laundry. Not a bad agreement!

  • Home swaps/House sittings

For extremely advanced travel hackers over there, here is another possibility. Home exchange and house sit become more and more popular among modern adventurers. Basically, for the first option, you have to own a house. There are platforms that provide such fun options, and you can swap a house with someone for a vacation or a holiday. The details depend on you and your potential guests. For house sitting you just need to advertise your services on the specific websites, Facebook or Craiglist. This could be a hidden gem! Be prepared for tough competition and some additional chores like plant-watering and dusting, but the outcome could be amazing! The whole house to yourself free of charge?! This calls for a potential movie script, or at least you can to write an essay, as it brings so many comic opportunities such as an unexpected parent’s visit or even an ex-stopping by to say hello.


Now it’s time to discuss inexpensive ways to travel. Of course, everyone wants to fly for free, preferable first class. We cannot promise you exactly that, but there some secrets to finding perfectly cheap and convenient transportation. The golden rule of reasonably priced tickets is time managing; try to book in advance; the earlier – the better. You can find really nice discounts, especially if you check the “unpopular”days to travel such as Mondays or Wednesdays. Pay attention to the low seasons and don’t plan your vacation right before national holidays – all flights will be crazily overpriced.

  • Low-cost flights

The Holy Grail of all budget-friendly travelers is low-cost airlines. They offer really cheap flights that provide limited services. You might not be able to bring a lot of luggage or to get that nice free airplane food, but the ticket prices are mind-blowing at times! Moreover, they sometimes do promo campaigns and reduce already modest costs to ridiculous 5$ a flight, for instance! The bargain hunt should start directly at the airline websites; look for WizzAir, RyanAir, EasyJet, FlyMonarch and LOT depending on the destination of your trip.

  • Bus/Car

Another good way to move around is by bus. Of course, it is not as fast or convenient, but still very affordable means of transportation. The positive thing is that you can observe the landscapes while traveling. If you are traveling by car, yours or somebody else’s, try using services like BlaBla Car or hitchhiking to chip in for a gas or to go along with someone for free.

In addition to these tips, it is always nice to volunteer! This way you can get new friends, as well as occasional free meals.

Enjoy your travels and may your adventures keep your wallet full, and your mind happy!