5 Inspirational Books Every Woman Should Read

It is summertime, and it means that it’s high time to change your habits, to care more about your body, to rid of negative mindsets and find inner balance. If you are having a question like “What book should I read to broaden your horizons in the questions of beauty, self-development, and femininity, this article is exactly for you. We have chosen 5 books every woman should read to become happier and more confident in her, the works that can inspire you for a self-caring.

  1. “Women Who Run With the Wolves,” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Clarissa Pinkola Estes works as a practicing psychologist in the Jungian method more than 20 years. One of the best books to read for every woman. It is the collection of tales and myths of the folks from all over the world. In her book, Clarissa studies life and a soul of a modern woman from a perspective of an archetype of a Wild Primal Woman.

She tells her readers how to revive theprimordial spirit of a woman in the sphere of the female unconscious. A healthy, instinctive, clairvoyant and healing archetype of a Wild Woman lives a full life in ancient myths and tales. And under the influence of civilized society, every woman has a tendency to repress and hide her true and sincere feelings; she has a lot of fears and complexes. Everything that was wild in her nature is dead, she is lost and confused. She is desperate.

Every woman has a primal, natural creature, full of kind instincts, compassionate creatorship and internal wisdom inside. Clarissa’s work inspires every woman to find a little bit of wildness inside their souls. Translated into 25 languages, this book takes one of the first places in a world rate.

  1. “The Body Book,” by Cameron Diaz & Sandra Bark

One of the most inspirational books to read about love, carrier, and creative activities is written by Cameron Diaz in a simple and life-asserting language from the first person. According to New York Times, it made the list of the best-sellers. In the book, you will not find trivial advice about food and sport, like in the most magazines. The actress shares her own experience how to learn to listen to her body, how to respect and to love it. There are a lot of interesting facts and descriptions of the main biological processes in the body, which help to understand better its work.

The main thought of this book is that particularly beautiful and healthy body helps the professional woman and housewives to achieve best results in all the spheres of their lives.

Sandra Bark is a friend of Cameron and a famous publicist. She became an editor of the book. She thinks that there is no special secret of success. According to her opinion, success is only a discipline.

  1. “Healthy, Happy, Sexy. Ayurveda Wisdom For Modern Women,” by Katy Silcox

Another incredible example of inspirational books for women is written by a famous yoga teacher, who worked for a long period in a huge company after what she understood that the corporative life of America oppresses her. Having received a certificate of yoga teacher and having become the doctor of Ayurveda science, Katy became a highly sought specialist working with a woman’s health.

In this book, the author put together all the ancient methods of East for balancing a body, meditations and wholesome suggestionыabout nutrition.

It is a time-proven selection of tips about woman’s health – from shining skin and hair care till sexual life and the harmony of the soul. The author thinks that internal balance is possible only when you accept yourself totally.

  1. “Forever Chic: Frenchwomen’s Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style, and Substance,” by Tish Jett

Everyone heard a lot about the secrets and charisma of French women, dozens of books are published around this theme. The work of Tish Jett is telling us about their major phenomena – about their slimness and harmony, and magnetism. The book is written by the editor of the magazine “Elle,” who came from New York to Paris and after a certain period married a Frenchman and decided to stay there to live.

Tish gives a detailed description of all the French secrets of the present, their nutrition habits and a skill to look naturally and elegantly.  The writer describes the education of French girls and explains why they are growing such gorgeous.

According to the critic’s opinion, the book has wisdom useful for a woman of any age.

  1. “Lean in,” by Sheril Sandberg

Sheril Sandberg, The Facebook Operation Director, is one the most high-powered figure in the world of business tells about all the difficulties she has faced on her professional route. This book is one of the best success books for a woman who wants to achieve high results in her professional sphere and not to refuse to have a family.

The business world dictates certain unspoken rules to women. The main rules are next: you cannot be too smart or too forceful, you cannot show your ambitions and your intention to be successful.

Aside from that, the women are refraining by the dozens of their own inner barriers. They do not allow themselves to move because of the lack of self-confidence, or the perpetual dilemma “carrier or family,” or the pathological lack of time. Such is the result that only 4 percent of world managers are women.

This book is a manifest and the source of the inspiration for those who think that the woman has a right to find the realization in the carrier and business, and those who think that the family is built on the basis of the equal partnership.

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