5 Jewelry Designs that are Safe for Everyone to Wear

Jewelry is fun to wear, and there are more options on the market than ever before. The right piece of jewelry can make a statement, complete an outfit or just add a pop of something delightful to your overall look. But sometimes, jewelry isn’t very practical to wear. Sometimes it isn’t even safe.

Small children, pets, and certain careers wherein clothes/jewelry can be snagged can make wearing most jewelry obnoxious, impractical or downright unsafe. This is unfortunate, because you want to wear your favorite flair; you didn’t buy it just so that it could sit untouched in a jewelry box, after all.

So how can you pair safety and style when it comes to the jewelry you wear? Fortunately for all of us, jewelers are stepping up to meet this demand with innovative, fun and very cool stuff.

Screw Back Earrings

The backings of our earrings can become loose or lost surprisingly easily, even when we are wearing those earrings!  It’s irritating to have this happen, but it can also pose a risk of choking to young children or even overly curious pets (who, as we know, are prone to putting things in their mouths).  The solution to this is screw on/screw back earrings that, as you have probably guessed, screw into place for added security.  Stud earrings also minimize the risk of harm from, say, a grabby toddler yanking on your lobes.

Solid Bracelets/Necklaces

There are tons of styling options for bracelets and necklaces that are crafted from a solid piece of material, like leather or even metal (for instance, metal bangles). If these items fit closely to the body, there is a minimal risk of snagging and children cannot tug on it and break it.  And in the event that the item does somehow break, there aren’t dozens of tiny components, like beads, to hurriedly pick up before a kid or pet can get to them.

Cuff Bracelets

On that note, let’s talk about cuff bracelets.  These designs are incredibly practical for almost any environment because they fit closely to the body, often do not have clasps at all (which can be broken or snag on things), and they come in a huge variety of colors, finishes and materials.

Rings with Smooth Edges

A ring with a jagged or square design can be incredibly good-looking, but it might not be the most practical if you have to do a lot with your hands each day.  A ring with sharper edges can snag on clothing or other materials, and it can also scratch skin-which isn’t great especially if you work with or care for children or animals.  A smooth ring design solves this problem, providing that the ring itself isn’t exceptionally large.

Charms that Wrap Around the Jewelry, Rather than Dangle from it

Dangling charms are beautiful, commonplace and incredibly popular.  It’s not hard to see why; the designs are immensely varied and often so beautiful that we can’t help but say “ooh!” But many jewelry designers are now crafting charms that wrap around the body of the bracelet itself, reducing the risk of snagging or breakage caused by everyday life events.

You don’t have to sacrifice your personal style for practicality and safety. You might just have to amend it a bit, and consider swapping out some of your current favorites with a design like the ones mentioned above.

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