How to Create an Unforgettable Bucket List

If you ask someone to tell you an item on their bucket list, most will have an easy time giving you at least one answer. Some answers may surprise you. Most bucket lists have a travel element, but how you decide where to travel is dependent on your life goals, not what everyone else seems to think is important to accomplish.

Whether you’re someone who wants to leave a legacy behind, silently impact your community, or eat the tastiest dishes the world has to offer, anything can be a bucket list item. Rather than read another list of what you should include on your bucket list, here’s an idea guide to help get you started with creating YOUR ultimate bucket list.

For the Adventurer

There are plenty of opportunities worthy of going on your bucket list if you’re the kind of person who enjoys feeling the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Skydiving is a favorite bucket list item, so that is a natural sell for most. You might even venture to the top of the tallest building on each continent for some of the most amazing views available on the planet.

Adventurers’ bucket lists are perfect for listing all the tallest, fastest, and longest experiences in the world. Consider including a ride on the tallest, fastest, and longest rollercoasters. If you’re an athlete, don’t forget about the Boston Marathon or Iron Man competitions to push your physical limits.

For the Foodie

Food culture in the world is exploding! Traditional cuisine is continuously being redefined and fused with other tastes to make entirely new sensations for your palette. You could travel the world your entire life and still not eat all the delicacies available on Earth, so go crazy with bucket list items related to food and check off as many as you can.

Travel Channel’s Man v. Food introduced most of its viewers to the world of competitive eating that exists outside of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Find a restaurant that has a food challenge for your favorite food and set out to devour it. Check out to see a comprehensive list of problems in each country.

If you’d rather take your time dining, why not dine at one of the best restaurants on the planet? Add “dine at a Michelin restaurant” to your list. Perhaps you would rather be the five-star chef. Keep an eye out for opportunities to take a cooking class with a world-renowned chef.

For the Nature Lovers

With a variety of ecosystems to explore throughout the world, nature has some incredible sights that anyone would be lucky to view in their lifetime. Your bucket list can include seeing some fantastic landscapes or taking part in getting up close and personal with them.

Cherry blossoms are a quintessential part of springtime and seeing them in bloom is a famous backdrop for photographers. Cherry trees blossom all over the world, so you might not have to travel far to see them. If you’re up for traveling, think about adding the Grand Canyon or Northern Lights to your bucket list. Those happen to be two of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, so maybe add the other five and set out to see them all.

For the Love of Luxury

For those who enjoy being pampered and want to experience luxury, add staying at an all-inclusive resort like one in the Wailea region to your bucket list. You can pay someone to plan your transportation to your specification and have someone pick up after you every day. That’s right, no cleaning! You can choose to relax in your room all day with room service or get a high-life workout in with state of the art equipment good enough for the stars. These resorts spare no expense to make sure you are comfortable and enjoying your stay every second.

Also, if there are elements from all the previously mentioned categories that appeal to you, you might want to look into different package deal vacations or a family friendly resort. Imagine being able to go to one location and have a multitude of experiences checked off your bucket list. Try a new cuisine, get scuba certified, or sip a mojito while your kids are being entertained by someone else… all of this is possible in one place.

For the Career-Oriented

Maybe you have an entrepreneurial mindset that motivates you and drives the creation of your bucket list. Items to include can be to invent a new product and start a business around it. Next, you might strive to make your first million dollars through from that business or open a storefront for your product. The possibilities can be endless because your mind for business and bucket list items that can derive from it is as expansive as you want it to be.

Climbing the corporate ladder might be more your speed, and that comes with its own set of possible bucket list items. If you’re in sales, you can aim for a specific bonus amount to take your family on vacation, or earn a vacation offered by your company. Being promoted to an officer position might be a good consideration, too.

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