Choosing the Right Wallet for Men

Men’s accessories are a reflection of their personality and of all accessories, non rivals the wallet. The quality of a man’s wallet shows off his personality, and just as dogs are a man’s best friend, a wallet is a man’s constant friend.

Choosing a quality wallet plays a major role in defining a man’s attitude. So when choosing a wallet you must pick one that matches your style. Here are four tips that you can use to enhance your look with the right wallet.

  1. Choose a slim wallet

Imagine yourself at a meeting and after an awesome presentation, you want to hand out your business cards to your new prospects. Do you take out a bulky wallet or confidently pull out a slim sleek one?

No matter where you are, pulling out a wallet that does not befit your status is very embarrassing for any man. Bulky wallets are never looked at in a good way. That is why a slim wallet with different slots for your cards and cash are a sharper, clean look that will make you look more organized.

  1. Invest in a high-quality wallet

Most people want to go cheap when they want to buy a wallet, but remember that the wallet is one of those daily essentials that you don’t buy every day. It stays with you all year round, hence you should look at it like an investment. Choosing a premium high-quality wallet, not a cheap knock off will greatly enhance your look.

High-quality wallets are made of the best materials like full-grain leather, RFID blocking and much more. The thing to remember is that you will always come across wallets that claim to be genuine leather. Please don’t take them literally as most of these wallets are faux leather.

  1. If you’re cashless, choose a card holder

For men who do not like to carry cash around, a cardholder is the best choice. It’s actually the new kid on the block and a trendy way to take minimalism to the next level. Choose a card holder that has many storage slots to help you organize your cards properly. Consider the trimmings to add a serious look that will go well with your style.

Choosing a cardholder does not mean that you should pick just any mono slot product with a boring look. Cardholders now come in classy designs. There are cardholders with metallic edges, full-grain leather, or a mix of metal and leather. These types of card holders give you an exotic appearance. My advice is not to go for a full metal cardholder as it is bulky and will be too blingy for the eyes.

  1. Choose a Kinzd high-quality wallets

Kinzd has designed several high-quality leather wallets that will fit in nicely with any lifestyle. Whether you’re into a formal or casual look, a Kinzd slim wallet will definitely fit your personality. It comes with multiple slots for your cards, cash, and change and is the perfect accessory for men who want to make a statement. Aside from the aesthetics, it does provide certain functionalities like an RFID blocker which ensures that your personal data is secure. The Kinzd collection has a wallet for every man.