Hate Mondays? 5 Ways to Start Dominating

Why do we hate Mondays and live for weekends?

It could be a number of reasons.  Perhaps you don’t like your job, the people you’re with, or can’t find fulfillment in what you do.  Your life then becomes juxtaposed between weekends vs. the week; between doing what you love vs. what you dislike.  On the other hand, you may love your job but still struggle with Mondays.  We’ve got tips to help you deal with all scenarios. 

1.  Remain Productive on Weekends

To combat the drastic contrast, try to remain productive on weekends.  Spend time reading books or working out.  Try exploring a new place or learning a new hobby or language.  This helps stimulate what scientists call “conscious learning.”  

Exposure to new things helps your brain grow.  And looking for things that will help you in your work life will make you more excited about returning to work. 

2.  Treat All Mornings the Same

Since 2018, I’ve woken up at 6.00 AM to read a book or workout.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d also wake up early on weekends, but I realized that doing so made it much easier to get up on Mondays.  There’d be no difference to me between a Monday or a Saturday morning.   

3.  Accept That Sleep is Important!

Many studies have shown lack of sleep increases health risks.  But the debate shouldn’t be early birds vs. night owls—regardless of the group you identify with, you should be striving for at least 6 hours of sleep per night (7-9 hours being optimal). 

The better rested you are, the better your mood. And a better mood means you’ll be happy, even on Monday. 

4.  Prepare

Some people get anxious simply going to bed on Sunday in anticipation of Monday.  But the feeling of being prepared can help overcome anxiety. 

Prepare for your next week before it begins; prepare for Monday morning on Sunday night.  Knowing what to expect, and having a plan for tackling any major challenges will give you a greater sense of confidence.  

Remember:  “Victory loves preparation!”

5.  Find Passion

This is the most difficult task. Mondays may be tough because you’re not doing what you love.  It may not be easy, but if you’re not passionate about your 40-hour per week job, start making an effort to transition toward doing something you’re passionate about.  

And it may not be until years down the road before your passion becomes a reality. But even this prospect will give you motivation to push through the mundane job you’re in now.  See Mondays as a stepping stone, with each day bringing you closer to what you eventually want to be doing.   


This is a guest article by Maxi Distler.