Hate Mondays? Here are 5 Ways to Start Crushing It!

This is a guest article by Maxi Distler.

Yup, it’s that time of the week again… another Monday, time to drag yourself out of bed.  Not a great feeling, right?  But have you ever asked yourself why it’s such a struggle?  Why do we hate Mondays and live for weekends?

There are several reasons:  you don’t like your job; don’t really like the people you’re with; or simply can’t find a sense of fulfillment in what you do. One of the biggest reasons is the juxtaposed life we have on the weekend vs. the week.  It is too big a contrast.  Think about it.  When you’re not at work, you pretty much do whatever you love.  Whether that is hanging out friends, or spending time with your family, etc.  But then we’re thrown back into the week, and suddenly we have to try and adjust to all the hard work we really don’t want to do.  How can you fix this?

1.  Remain productive on weekends!

To combat the drastic contrast between a world of pleasure and uncomfortable work, try to remain productive on weekends.  Devote your time to reading books, working out on a Saturday and Sunday morning, or perhaps do a short weekend trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit.  Scientists refer to this as “conscious learning;”  you are consciously seeking out personal growth in everything you do.  It means doing things intentionally, not by accident.

Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this experience?”  Use your weekends and free time to develop yourself into a better version of yourself.  You will find yourself being more positive and energized when going back to work on a Monday.

2.  Develop empowering habits

From the start of 2018, I developed the habit of getting up at 6.00 AM to read a book or workout.  At first, I wasn’t sure whether I’d get up early on weekends as well, but I decided I would.  The result? I don’t feel like it’s Monday when getting up!  There is no difference to me between a Monday or a Saturday morning.  All mornings are equally productive, equally empowering and equally fulfilling!

Yes, I know that you want to sleep longer on weekends, and so do I!  But remember, if you want to truly make a difference to your life, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

Think of what Malcolm X said, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

It may be tiring in the beginning, but eventually, you will build momentum.

3.  Don’t be a night owl

Recent psychological research from the University of California has found that a lack of sleep is correlated with a greater risk of developing diseases like Alzheimer’s or cancer.  It is also correlated with a reduced psychological well-being.  How does that relate to Mondays?  When getting a sufficient amount of sleep, you will feel much more refreshed and ready to kickstart your day.  A major reason of why Monday’s suck is because you feel absolutely knackered because your sleep habits aren’t right!

Getting enough sleep will help you have a clear and powerful mind as soon as your day starts!

4.  Prepare

Some people get feelings of anxiety and depression when getting to bed on Sundays.  A great method I apply to my life to combat this is: preparation.  Start to prepare your next week before you even get to the weekend.  Start thinking about the things you may need to do for the following week and prepare for them in advance.  Knowing what to expect and how you will tackle it will give a you greater feeling of certainty and confidence.

Remember:  “Victory loves preparation!”

5.  Find your life’s purpose

Yup, this is the hardest one out of all the advice I’m giving you!  As uncomfortable as it is to hear, the bottom-line of why you hate coming into work on a Monday may be because you’re not doing what you love.  It may not be easy, but start committing yourself to finding what you love doing and what you truly believe in.

Try to find a company that does exactly what you love or that shares the same mission and purpose as you do in life.  Doing this will make your Monday’s just as exciting as your Friday’s!

Try and apply these five tips to your own life.  Yes, some of them may be a little hard at first, but remember that the start is always the hardest part!  Now get out there, and crush your Monday! 🙂


Author Bio: 

Hey you!  My name is Maxi. I’m 21 and a student of Business Psychology.  I imagine a world where people live a life driven by a purpose and cause.  I dream of a world where work no longer feels like work, but rather something that gives us a feeling of deep and inner joy.

Emotional intelligence, I believe, is the start to this.  It can not only help you find out who you really are deep inside of you, but also how to manage your own life and those around you to the highest standard possible.

Currently, I’m trying to establish myself in the blogging/writing industry as I’m very passionate about topics of emotional intelligence, psychological well-being, and how every person can find their own way to inner fulfillment.

Join me on my mission at www.societyformindsetmanagement.com