The Surprising Health Benefits of Solar Power

You’d be surprised at the all the benefits that can come from solar power.

Solar power is the buzzword on many lips as the planet wakes up to the challenges posed by global warming.  Even in the U.S., where government policy is leaning back towards fossil fuels, solar power jobs are up 24%.

In this article, you’ll see a few of the ways that solar panel can bring positive change to your life—and that of the community around you. The benefits of solar panels are varied, from helping your wallet out, to preserving areas of natural beauty, to improving the very air around us.

The Air We Breath

When was the last time you stopped and considered the quality of the air that you breathe?  We are blessed to live in a country where we don’t have to wear face masks to filter bad air—yet.  Which is why solar power is so important.  Installed solar is already lowering annual greenhouse gas emissions by 17 million metric tons.

Studies have also shown that reductions in emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) add up to $167 billion worth of avoided health and environmental damages.

Preserving Nature

Another benefit of solar power and fighting climate change is that nature is better preserved.  Climate change has caused plant extinctions across the world, being blamed for 46% of the extinctions of 976 species studied.  Renewable energy is helping here, but especially solar, as it doesn’t have the landscape-altering effect that tidal and wind power have.

There are also studies linking nature to personal mental and physical health.  Being in nature is a form of meditation and promotes self-growth and introspection. With the U.S. boasting many areas of natural beauty, it’s common sense to try and preserve that.

Benefiting Communities Nationally

Solar panels and solar power are, alongside with other forms of renewable energy, a direct response to the climate change partly caused by fossil fuels.  The idea is to roll back the use of fossil fuels and give a helping hand to planet, replacing it with renewable fuels.  But what does this mean to everyday people?  Well, the technology behind solar panels is accessible, meaning that solar power can be developed locally rather than requiring big international tech companies.  This means that local communities gain new skills and can produce a more sustainable area to live in.

Saving Money

Finally, a word on cash.  The cost of solar investment is plunging every year, especially following the Paris agreement.  That means it’s easier to pay for your installation.  In hot states, you could end up being paid for your energy output if you outstrip what you’re using.  So you’re not using any fossil fuels to power your house, and you’re actually putting more in the grid for everyone else to benefit—and you.

If you’ve never considered solar energy, I hope this article will get you thinking adopting it in some ways. It is cheap to install, improves your local community and your health.

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