9 Steps to Create a Life of Peace and Purpose

This is a guest article from Saiisha.

When I first began to engage with my soul years ago, I had no direction, no steps to follow, no goal to achieve. All I felt was an inner-knowing that this earthly life had to be more than what it seemed on the surface.

Indeed I had only lived on the surface, and my life had subtly sunk into the mundane — waking up to an alarm; rushing to shower; going to work; coming home to plop in front of the TV; taking ‘vacations’ only to come back even more exhausted.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Years of life passed by aimlessly, going with someone else’s flow, walking everyone else’s paths.

But when I turned 36, there was a pull from the unknown. And it was relentless. I began to listen to that voice reaching out to me from within. I made space for it. I tried to follow what I felt in the deepest, stillest, surest part of myself.

The more I listened, the more I understood who I am, why I exist, and how I want to live. That, in essence, is the path of Peace, Presence and Purpose — that’s the path I committed to walk. It takes intention, attention and determination to stay on that path, but there is no other way to live if you want to live fully.

Here are 9 Practices to Create a Life of Peace, Presence and Purpose:

1. Silence

Practicing silence is the essential first step to walk the path of Peace. Create silence in your life every day, even for a few minutes. Sit quietly without any disturbances — no phones, no screens, no distractions. Create a space where you invite your soul to speak, and you can listen deeply to your own Self.

2. Simplicity

Start looking at each area of your life: people, possessions, projects, pastimes, places, and see where you’re feeling out of control. Start paring back anything that doesn’t seem in line with how you want to live your life.

3. Sing

Or dance, paint, write or whatever else gets your creativity flowing. Let it flow. Let your Soul be expressed.

4. Sunsets

Sunsets, stars and sunrises have a way of re-setting your perspective of life. The more time you spend in nature, the more you come in alignment with life itself. Get outside and go for a walk.

5. Smile

Following your joy is the easiest path to the 3-P’s of Peace, Presence, and Purpose. Think about what makes you smile, what makes you come alive, what makes you laugh with abandon. And do more and more of those!

6. Sanctuary 

Everyone needs a little sanctuary; a small sacred space to call your own and be alone, where there are no judgments or reservations. Create a space for yourself where you can take refuge every day, or regularly.

7. Slow Down 

In this modern age of speed, the antidote to anxiety is slowing down. Slowing down reduces your stress levels, lets you look around and enjoy life’s little pleasures, and gets you closer to the present moment.

Whenever you catch yourself speeding, multitasking, eating fast, or zoning out, make it a practice to slowww down.

8. Synchronicity

Synchronicity is more a sign than a practice, however, it is a sign from the Universe to show that you’re practicing the right things. We are always guided through our next step — we just need to be open, and follow those guiding signs.

9. Surrender

“Surrender” is not a welcome word because it brings up a sense of giving-up control. True surrendering doesn’t mean denying your reality, but accepting and confronting it, however negative it may be. Surrendering brings you in-tune with a wisdom greater than yourself, and allows for great transformation.

These are 9 of my practices to create a life of Peace, Presence and Purpose. What are yours?


Author Bio: 

Saiisha is a Meditation for Life coach, and uses ancient Vedic practices and techniques that are essentially relevant in this fast paced modern world.