5 Decisions That Will Change Your Life

This is a guest article from Kimanzi Constable: www.kimanziconstable.com

In May of 2011 I hated life. I was 170 pounds overweight, I was at a job I hated, and we lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (not the safest city in the world). I had no goals, no dreams, and no desire beyond the monotony.

There were times when I wanted to make a change, but with no college degree or any special skills, I felt stuck. In June of 2011 things came to a boiling point when my wife and I separated.

I sat there on a hot summer day in Wisconsin, fed up enough to take action. With all the craziness going on, I started writing. Those scribblings are what led to my first book, which was self-published in August of 2011. The book flopped for the first six months, but I was proud of taking the first step. 

In April of 2012 my father died at 54 unexpectedly. His death was the wake-up call and motivation I needed to keep pushing forward. After researching, I self-published a second, and both books went on to sell over 82,000 copies. I signed with a publisher, and my first published book was released in May of 2013.

I’ve since lost 170 pounds and moved our family to Maui, Hawaii. I accomplished all of my major goals and changed our lives. I was a bread guy from Milwaukee who decided enough was enough.

Life is short and time is the one thing we’ll never get back. At the end of our life we’re not going to remember all the stuff we had, we’ll remember our experiences. These five decisions will help you live a life of no regrets and change your life forever.

1. Quitting a job you hate.

The stats tell us that the average person now spends 47 hours a week working. When you spend that much of your week doing something, it will affect your life one way or another. Too many of us choose to let it affect our life negatively.

I realize the economy is recovering but you can find or create work you love. If you start today by identifying what you really want to do in life, you can put a plan in place to make your dream your reality.

2. Exercise & Losing weight.

Our weight affects every area of our life. It affects the way you feel, the way you see yourself, and how much energy you have. Even if you’re “skinny,” exercise and a good diet can give you the energy you need to accomplish your goals.

If you struggle with your weight, be patient—but take action. A healthy portioned-controlled diet and consistent exercise will get you to your weight-loss goals and a new you.

3. Moving to a dream destination. 

We dealt with Wisconsin winters for 30 years, it wasn’t for us. Maybe you love winter or maybe you want to live on the beach. Either way, you should live where you want to live. Again, making a big move won’t happen overnight, but with a good plan you can do it. Don’t settle. Where you come home to everyday will affect your mood.

4. Reaching beyond your comfort zone.

Living in your comfort zone is easy, but that place just beyond is where the magic happens. Our dreams are scary. Doubt and fear tell us to stay in our comfort zone, but when you do, you miss the chance to enjoy incredible experiences.

5. Not dying with regrets.

This is the most important lesson you can learn in life. Before my father died, he told me about all the regrets he had in life. He begged me to learn the lesson he never learned. I took those lessons to heart, but wish I had sooner.

You only get one life to live; there will be no “do overs.” Why let anything hold you back from your dreams? Dreams are hard, they take time and perseverance, but once you reach them, you live a life most people will never understand.

I have a great story, but it took three years of busting my butt to make a reality. This didn’t happen overnight. What I don’t want is you to read this and say, “great for that guy.” I want you to read this and say, “I’ve got some work to do.”

2015 is upon us. This could be the best year of your life or the same comfortable year. I hope you choose to chase every dream and commit to live a life of no regrets.

Author Bio:

Kimanzi Constable is a former bread delivery guy who self-published two books that have sold over 82,000 copies. He is a published author, international speaker, life and business coach. In the last year he’s lost 170 pounds, and moved his family to Maui, Hawaii. He is also a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Huffington Post. He is a weekly columnist and editor at The Good Men Project. His mission is to help men and women create true freedom in life. Join him at his website and on Facebook. You can find him on Twitter at @KimanziC.