10 Simple Truths to Align Your Life With

This is a guest article from Elyse Gorman: NotesOnBliss.com

When you remember and live in alignment with these life lessons and Universal truths, life becomes easier and more beautiful.

1. Your purpose in life is to be you.

In every way possible. Eat the foods you like, dance to your favorite tunes, read your favorite books, make your jokes, laugh your laugh, smile your smile.

2. All the answers are within.

We have been taught to look outward for the answers to our problems. But the truth is, your soul knows what to do. Trust that you have everything you’ll ever need inside of you right in this moment.

3. Words are powerful.

The word love produces an energy which ripples out into the world, as do the words “I can’t do this, I’m hopeless, I’m not beautiful, I’m not good enough.” Watch your words – they can cement your current reality or spark big changes.

4. You are a prisoner of your beliefs.

Realize that you see the world through the lens of your dominant beliefs. And realize you can change your dominant beliefs, thereby changing the world you see.

5. You have a unique gift to bring to the world.

You are a once-in-a-humankind blend of passions, desires, talents, quirks and magic. If you don’t give your gifts to the world, no one else can, and the world will be a poorer place.

6. True listening is an art for you to master.

So much miscommunication and disconnection is caused by our addiction to thinking of what to say next instead of paying attention to the words of the person speaking to us. Put your thoughts on mute and simply listen to people.

7. Everyone is your brother and sister.

We are so quick to draw circles around our groups and leave most of the world out. Open your circles. Realize that everyone is an equally worthy child of the Universe.

8. You don’t serve the world by staying small.

You serve the world by blossoming into your best, brightest self. By having the courage to follow your dreams. By claiming your power as the creator of your life.

9. You have won the life lotto.

When you stop to think about how you got here – your ancestral chain, the number of people who had to survive, meet and procreate for you to come into this world – you realize you’ve won the life lotto. You’re alive, and you get to experience this beautiful world. What an amazing miracle.

10. You have the power to change the world.

Steve Jobs once encouraged us to look around and realize that everything we see was created by people no smarter than us. You can make a difference. Knowing this, it would almost be a travesty not to.

Author Bio:
Elyse Gorman is a writer and happiness teacher at NotesOnBliss.com. To learn more about happiness and creating a beautiful life, sign up here.