40 Little Decisions That Will Deeply Enrich Your Life

It’s a chilly 30-degrees outside, Michael is walking down the street in shorts and a T-shirt. Many drive past, curiously looking at him. But one family turns the car around. With that little decision, everyone’s life is turned upside down.

It’s the inspiring story behind the movie The Blind Side. Not only is Michael Oher’s life transformed into an NFL star and Superbowl champ, but the entire Tuohy family is blessed beyond anything imaginable.

Our culture is captured by the epic, grandiose, and monumental. “Go hard or go home” is the mantra for success. We stand in awe of Goliath and pay no attention to young David.

Indeed we forget that little decisions have profound effects. As stones took down a giant, here are 40 little decisions we can make today to deeply enrich our lives:

1. To keep up with yourself, not with the Joneses.

2. Letting compassion speak louder than criticism.

3. Saying “Oh well!” more than “What if?”

4. Keeping an eye out for serendipity.

5. Listening to intuition, not just logic.

6. To prevent, rather than cure a lie.

7. To pause, and consider the outcome of our speech.

8. Never trading in authenticity for expectations.

9. Waiting with fear, and letting courage arrive.

10. To forgive rather than get even.

11. Giving away more than we keep.

12. Addressing the root, not the object of our hate.

13. To be grateful before we brush our teeth.

14. To reflect before we sleep.

15. Embracing the journey, not just the destination.

16. Not delaying what we know deep down is right.

17. Choosing experiences over objects.

18. Seeing red lights as redirections.

19. No longer allowing perfection to cripple creativity.

20. To un-bottle a healthy dialogue with our emotions.

21. Using stop signs for self-reflection.

22. To make up rather than make excuses.

23. Remembering that life is short.

24. To clean rather than air dirty laundry.

25. To celebrate every little win.

26. Not fighting little battles, and losing the war.

27. To learn more than we teach.

28. To let someone else have the last piece.

29. Striving for quality over quantity.

30. Responding to anger with delete.

31. Seeing opportunities in obstacles.

32. Pushing through immediate gratification for long term rewards.

33. Owning up rather than denying.

34. Letting the inner voice, speak louder than outer voices.

35. To love what you see in the mirror.

36. To smile when you look at others.

37. To speak when you sit next to a stranger.

38. Taking the road less traveled.

39. Watering your own grass, not envying others.

40. To breath deeply with intention.