Meet Brandon Epstein — Young Entrepreneur Making Waves

Brandon Epstein is a young entrepreneur based out of Austin, Texas. With a ton of passion, Brandon is set on transforming people’s lives, building Apps for human peak performance. His work is inspired by his personal interest in the power of the mind to affect reality. He has channelled this into 58 health and fitness Apps, and doesn’t look like slowing down at all.


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What holds people back from pursuing their passion?

Fear and limiting beliefs. The internal dialogue running through the mind that continually tells you that you are not good enough.

How do people get unstuck?

Start with that dialogue you have with yourself. Create an awareness and begin to rewrite it. Burst through those paradigms. You need to have a mindset of certainty and knowing within yourself. Constantly build yourself up with affirmations and program your unconscious mind with positive emotions. Create a trigger whenever your negative thoughts.

On pursuing your dream:

Realize that you are not going to die. We live in conditions where the worst that could happen is that we end up in debt. “You have to try it, you have to find your purpose. Because once you do, life becomes so joyful, it makes everything worthwhile. That just has to be your mindset- I am either to find my purpose or I’m going to die trying. And you’ll enjoy the process because you are going toward something that you want to do.”

Greatest influence in your life?

Clayton Keller: a teacher who taught me about alternate medicine, brainwave training, NLP, and the power of the mind. My parents- always having me know that I am supported and loved. Tony Robbins- teaching me to reprogram my mind to only have positive thoughts.

What impact are you wanting to achieve through your work?

I want to serve people the best I can. I am always asking myself: Am I giving love? Am I being compassionate? Am I serving the people I’ve met? If i can do that through the business that I have, that’s the end goal.

What is your definition of success?

Finding your purpose. Or at least pursuing your purpose. Pursuing your purpose with everything you have. Success is having happiness, and it comes with pursuing your purpose. It’s a process, it never stops.

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