Meet John Lee Dumas — Country Boy & Podcasting King

John Lee Dumas is the founder of A 7-day-a-week podcast pulling in 6-figures per month. John shares his journey as a country boy from Maine, to becoming an army officer, stepping into the corporate world, jumping into real estate, and then finally discovering his passion with Podcasting. He is fast becoming one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes.

On discovering your passion:

It shouldn’t be a major concern if you have not yet found your passion. John says to keep swinging the bat. When you do discover what excites you, heavily invest in yourself and in the journey. Discover a niche- a need that hasn’t been filled.

What holds people back from pursuing their dream?

Fear of failure and The Impostor Syndrome. There is an innate experience that continually calls us toward our comfort zone. But that needs to be broken and ignored. Pursuing a new venture means being a pioneer and trekking through uncharted territory. John opens up about how fear of failure cost him $100, 000 as he delayed his launch date.

3 Immediate actions for getting unstuck?

1) Find a mentor. 2) Connect with a mastermind. 3) Go to conferences.

On ignorance VS validation?

You definitely need both. Ignore the critics but listen to your audience. John gives a great example of listening to his audience to get the validation for his exclusive podcasting academy. Before spending a bunch of time and money on creating the product, he tested and validated the product by offering it pre-completion- making 35 sales and over $10,000

Your greatest influence?

Apart from the reading the life of Benjamin Franklin, John’s father. He started his own law firm and did absolutely everything himself. He was agile and taught John how to pivot.

What is the impact and legacy you want to leave behind?

The continual ripple effect of seeing people step out, find their passion, and live their dreams.

What is your definition of success?

“The gradual realisation of a worth ideal.” A quote by Earl Nightingale. Success is a journey. It is gradually experiencing the achievement of something worthy. My bar is always moving.

The $500 dollar question John has asked in almost 600 podcasts gets flipped on him:

I would rent out a really cool venue, have a ton of drinks. Greet everyone at the door and ask how to add value to the community and people’s lives. Follow up with them and set up further meetings.

Final words?

“Prepare to ignite!”

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18 Replies to “Meet John Lee Dumas — Country Boy & Podcasting King”

  1. Wonderful interview, Thai, with a GREAT guy! John is certainly someone every entrepreneur should watch closely. John, I liked getting to SEE you in this setting, where your fans can connect with you in a cozy environment. Nice job, guys!

  2. Thank you so much John & Kate- they are both the most down-to-earth folks you will meet. Just as awesome offline as he is online. Keep inspiring!

  3. Another wonderful one from John.

    And thank God for this interview which brough me here to see another kick ass job another wonderful guy like John is doing sharing stories of guys who are out there living their passion dream.

    I’m so glad to be here I must say.

    Good job guys and keep igniting the entrepreneurial fire.


  4. Thank you Thai and John for a great interview with actionable information in a setting that had me feeling like I was right there with you. Well Done!

  5. Thanks Thai! John, what was that niche in real estate that you were able to dominate during a down market?



  6. Really great interview! Some great insight and so personal in nature. Enjoyed it tremendously! John, love that you gave props to your dad as a lawpreneur.

  7. I couldn’t wait to ask him that question! Great response too.

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by Mayowa! Wishing you all the best on your journey.

  9. Thanks Amber, glad you enjoyed it! Was really neat to hang out with John- you’re right, he is certainly creating some big waves.

  10. Wonderful conversation, Thai and Joh! What an amazing concept…inviting yourself into someone’s home, and asking them questions! 😉 Really and truly inspiring, because most of us are most at home in our homes, so the conversation is automatically intimate and genuine.
    Thanks for sharing your tips with us, John and Thai. I can’t wait to see more. Definitely subscribing to this one!

  11. My fear is not failure but that I will not be able to find a way to keep moving forward as an entrepreneurial individual. I know what I want, what i’m trying to achieve (can’t always find the funds) and feel so scared at times that I won’t be able to make what I really want happen!

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