Meet Anthony Noud — Kicking Heroin Addiction In The Face

Big thanks to Mr. Anthony Noud for taking time out to share his incredibly inspirational story. While growing up in Australia, Anthony struggled with what society presented as the model for living, love, and success. When he realised that his self worth was more than what our culture preaches, he rebelled and his life spiralled to rock bottom. His drug addictions took him behind bars and obesity took hold of his physical self. He eventually came face to face with himself and his journey of overcoming his demons led him to found a company that teaches his philosophy on life- both internally and externally.


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  • Anthony’s transformational strategy is a fusion of sports performance training and nutrition with inner work- the mental script that directs your life.
  • Real change happens with a shift from a behaviour dependant model for love.
  • Even after Anthony completely turned his life around from addiction and got into peak physical condition, he was still empty and realised that realised that lasting and true change needed to come from the inside out.

Your crossroad and point of change?

Coming to the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Realizing that I really didn’t know everything I needed to know about happiness and life and coming to the point of being teachable.

Immediate steps for someone looking to change?

Becoming aware of your internal negative thoughts. Challenge them.

Greatest influence on your life?

Apart from those who helped me through my struggle, the writings of Eckhart Tolle.

Legacy and goals?

To keep changing lives; awaken individuals. If we’re helping to awaken other individuals, and they go on to awaken others and others, that’s how the world changes.

Your definition of success?

That feeling of inner knowing that you can do something great and that you can change the world. Being aligned with that, and accepting who you are as you are. Just loving the journey- that’s success for me.

Final Words Anthony?

If you are living life that is less than your best, or if you know that you have that little part inside you, that kinda goes- “I am destined for more, I know I can achieve more, I know I can be greater than I am now,” obviously it is going to take a lot of work, but don’t settle for being anything less than your best.

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