Meet Clementine Mills — Acting With Passion & Purpose

Clementine Mills is a talented young actor who has already enjoyed great success. She describes her childhood as a happily nomadic upbringing in England and New Zealand In 2010 Clementine made the decision to emigrate to Australia to start her own life and career in Sydney. She attended the full time course at Actors Centre Australia, graduating in 2012 and continues to ride the roller coaster of doing what she loves. Zoe Misplaced was an indie film Clementine was a part of, shot on an ‘impossible’ budget, it continues to go on breaking the rules and receiving great exposure.


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  • Acting is not therapy for yourself, it is a platform to tell stories and be an agent of change; to challenge people’s belief systems; to make positive  contributions.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to track your progress, but what keeps you running on the hamster wheel and pushing through the daily grind is knowing your “why.”
  • “What is so bad about failure that you wouldn’t even try?”
  • “There are enough people out there telling you that you cannot do something…don’t be one of them!”

Your greatest influence?

My family. Not patronising me with a plan B

What would you like to achieve in your career?

To challenge the status quo of the industry. To give roles that would never typically be given. To break the many stereotypes and biases against women in the industry.

What is your definition of success?

To have integrity and joy in what you do. Success is not succumbing to regret; to see the positive and relinquish the negative; being thankful for what you do; to be able to pursue what you love, being proud of the work that I have done and at the same time looking forward to growth.

Final words?

Follow your own trajectory, there are always going to be people telling people what you cannot do, in the time that people are there telling you what you can’t do, you could be out there doing it! Give it hell.

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