Meet Tina Bollendorff — Singer/Songwriter Livin’ The Dream

Tina Bollendorff is an inspirational singer/songwriter originally from the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Her journey begins at the age of 8 with piano lessons. Constantly singing during her piano lesson, she eventually wrote a song at her very young age.

She decided to pursue the dream of becoming a musician and entered into a Bachelor of Music program at University.


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Tina’s advice for anyone looking to get into music?

Find a professional teacher. This way you will be able to get accurate feedback and advice; a professional opinion on your potential. A teacher is a crucial part of the journey.

How do you find a good teacher and develop your style?

Tina believes the techniques from classical music is a great foundation. Whether it is classical or jazz, it is important to learn the foundational and then bringing in your own style.

What sets a successful musician apart?

Every aspiring artist needs to be practicing and rehearsing every single day. Tina was spending three hour sessions when she was learning piano. She explains that it was her times in solitude where she was able to truly tap into her creative abilities. 

Rough patches?

During times of doubt, Tina would ask herself, “Do I love it so much that I can’t do anything else?” In fact, her music professor once told the class, “If you can picture yourself doing anything but music, go and do it.”

Tina’s crossroad came when she had to decide between doing a Masters degree in Speech Therapy or continue to pursue her dream.  “I got to that point where I just really thought about it , and I thought- do I really want to let this go? Can I let it go? Can I let go of the music and what I love doing? And I just knew I couldn’t.”

What holds people back from pursuing their dreams?

Having supportive people in her life. Had her parents encouraged her to go further into studying rather than music, she would have done so. It has been the support of Tina’s parents and partner that have kept the dream going.

Who has been your greatest influence in life?

Parents; God-the bible and faith; Tina’s partner; her music teachers.

What would you like to be remembered for?

For being a passionate song writer. I’d like to be remembered for my art, for my songs, and music.

What is your definition of success?

Definitely doing what you love is a big part of it, financial success is also part of success as a whole, doing what you love on a daily basis and being able to make a career out of that.

Final words?

“If you are 100% that it is something that you can’t let of, go for it, take the leap, be prepared to put yourself out there, to work hard, to persevere, to keep pushing through, it is not always going to feel amazing, sometimes it’s just gonna feel hard, or maybe it’s scary, discouraging even, but you gotta look at the big picture- and realise that it’s part of the process, the ups and downs, what you are going through now may just be setting you for the future.”

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