Meet Soren “Mongkongtong” King — Muay Thai Champion

The word mongkongtong is Thai for “long golden dragon.” Soren received this name early on in his career from the Thai’s as it reflected his build and technical style. Soren is indeed regarded as one of the most technically brilliant fighters, and one of the greatest to come out of Australian Muay Thai.

He is the 2 X Intercontinental Champion in the welterweight and middleweight division, star of Mark Burnett’s reality series, The Contender Asia,  one of the few foreigners that has competed on National Thai Television, and now Head-Trainer and Co-Owner of Nuggets Thaiboxing Gym in Brisbane.

Soren started training at the age of 13 after seeing the boxers run past his house. He simply showed up every session and did the work. With a quiet confidence, Soren had his first fight at the age of 15 and eventually gave up a regular job to pursue Muay Thai professionally.


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On hard work vs. talent?

70% hard work, 30% talent. Soren tells us that it is usually the talented people that come into the gym who drop off quickly and the hard workers that continue.

Career Highlights?

Numerous fights on National Thai Television and winning the featured Fight of the Month award against one of Thailands biggest Muay Thai legends.

Toughest Fight?

Getting knocked out by Jabar Askerov on The Contender show. Taught Soren that there are no friends in the ring.

A life lesson both inside and outside the ring?

The need and ability to control your temper.

On setting goals vs. going with the flow?

Both. A lot of times your goals change.

What holds most people back from pursuing their dreams?

Thinking that it will be easy. “If you are good at something, great. If you work hard, even better.”

What sets apart the best from the rest?

Commitment. Devotion- “you train for 2 hours but there are 22 more hours in a day, it is what you do in the other 22 hours that matters. It is what you do when you are not here [at the gym] that matters.”

On failures?

Losing is not a bad thing, It can be a good reality check. When you lose you know where you need to improve.

Greatest influence on your life?

Mum. As a single mother raising two kids, we never felt as though we missed out on anything. My trainer Nugget. 

What do you want to be remembered for?

Muay Thai. In one word; bringing muay thai to everybody.

What is your definition of success?

“Success I relate to happiness. Wake up in the morning and feeling good about the day to come.”

Final Words to those afraid of stepping out and pursuing the dream?

“Just take a chance, you are better living and losing rather than not trying at all. You gotta get out there and try it- you might surprise yourself.”

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  1. Good to see you and Soren reunited! Looks like you are really busy with this site – well done. Are you back in Brisbane permanently or heading back to the States again?

  2. Hey! We talked about you over lunch- where are you now? I am back in Oz for good- I may make a trip to the US at some point.

  3. Hi Thai! I am Soren’s sister – I think we met once before. I just wanted to say I think this interview is awesome. You did a great job at allowing Soren’s true personality to come out. Well done 🙂

  4. Hey Meredith! Yes, pretty sure it was in Thailand that we met. Thanks for the kind words- Soren’s Journey is incredible, I’m thankful that I could share it.

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