Meet Jeff Lam — 3 X Aussie Powerlifting Champion

Big thanks to Jeff Lam for taking time out to share his journey. Jeff is the the National Australian Powerlifting Champion- winning the title three consecutive years- ’11, ’12, ’13 and holds records in the Open Men’s bench press. He is also the Co-Owner of Healthworks Fitness Center in West End, Australia. 


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After attending University for a short time, he realized that the office job that he was heading toward was not the path that he wanted to take. Faced with family tensions, particularly with his father, he chose to pursue his passion in fitness. He sought the qualifications needed to be a fitness trainer and discovered he had the natural ability to succeed in powerlifting. What are some of your natural abilities that may allow you to succeed?

Through the sport, he met his business partner. With his experience in powerlifting and exposure to the unique equipment that the sport required, he saw a need to incorporate the new equipment into gyms. He had a vision that he wanted to see manifested, which ultimately led to the opening of Healthworks. Do you have a vision for your life? Can you identify a need that needs to be met or a niche that needs to be filled?

Most difficult part about stepping out?

Financial security. Ultimately the sole responsibility falls down on you to make the money rather than being paid by someone else.

3 Tips for stepping out and pursuing the dream?

  1. Research the industry you are wanting to get involved in. Be realistic about the financial viability
  2. Support network- make sure you have a network of support from your wife, family, friends etc.
  3. Don’t hold back! Give it everything.

Can you share some highlights so far?

Opening the business. After some setbacks, being able to see all the work come to fruition. In powerlifting, making those achievements. In the personal life, getting married and having kids.

What drives you Jeff?

Providing a future for my family. Staying healthy.

A life philosophy?

Jeff’s triangle: work hard, play hard, train hard.

Best piece of advice you have ever received?

Jump in the deep end and learn how to swim.

A helpful daily habit?

Get up in the morning and drink one liter of water with a little bit of lemon.

Tips on balancing a hectic schedule?

Having a great team- supportive wife, family, staff- you are only as good as your staff.

Greatest influence on your life?

My mother. Having gone through so much in her life. Her incredible generosity.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Someone who did good by everyone, who tried to help. I don’t need a legacy, my legacy will be my family.

Your definition of success?

It is certainly not about materials, not how many cars you own, houses or iPhones. Having the qualities of a giving person. Having a great wife, family, friends, having no stress.

Final Words?

Chase your dreams, if you passionate about something, the money will will come. Your passion for something will be obvious and visible to other people and that will attract good things.

Visit Healthworks West End & connect with Jeff:

33 Vulture st, Brisbane, Australia, 4101

Ph. (07) 3255 0044