Meet Tyrone Tongia — 3 X Australian Boxing Champion

Tyrone Tongia opens up and shares his inspirational journey. Facing that inner passion and demon head-on, through the low points of sleeping in a park to the incredible accomplishment of becoming a 3 time Australian Boxing Champion. Tyrone is currently in the business of personal training and event promotion. He characterizes his business and physical training together with building overall personal development.


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  • Boxing was the vehicle for Tyrone’s desire in his own personal development. It presented a challenge and represented much more of a philosophy of life- being challenged.
  • Passion comes from when you live it and do it, not merely dreaming about it.
  • Tyrone began boxing in his late teens after high school, “from the ground up.” Great encouragement for anyone that struggles with the feeling of “too late.”
  • Relentless determination- packed his bags with $100, endured a 20 hour bus trip, slept in a park for 3 days, all so that he could connect with the boxer trainer that he wanted to work with. Pursuing your passion will require a relentless pursuit.
  • “Aim big, but focus on what is in front of you as well.”

Epic Quote:

“If the setbacks don’t come you’re not setting the bar high enough.”

Pinch Yourself Moment:

“Making my pro debut at the Sydney football stadium.

On the Pursuit of Your Passion:

“Just start somewhere. Take the first step even though you don’t know where it is going to lead.”

Practical Advice for the Fitness World:

  • You gotta love people, you gotta live what your preach. The technical stuff is really good to know, but you also need the ability to evoke self belief in the person.
  • You’ve got to find the specific audience that suits your needs personally.

Helpful Personal Habits:

  • Be able to see both ends of a story before arriving at a conclusion.

Your Greatest Influence?

“My Wife.”

What Would You Like to be Remembered For?

Someone that made the world feel better; to be at the top of their game.

What is Your Definition of Success?

As long as I feel like I am evolving and growing as a person, then that to me is a success .

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