Meet Shayne Locke — Founder of Sage Magazine

Shayne Lock is the founder of Sage Magazine and Soul Traveller Radio. Shayne opens up and shares his own personal journey of discovering and connecting his love and his purpose and provides some great insights for anybody seeking to build a lifestyle around doing what they love. The essence of Shayne’s work can be expressed in the phrase: “Be the change.”


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  • “Things might seem random at the time but they are not, it is all a process that you go through within yourself and you allow yourself to be in that process, and it is an important thing.”
  • Shayne discusses a “‘dark time of the soul’ where you are being stripped away, the universe is saying you don’t need that, let’s take that away. It was the complete removal and detachment of unneeded things.”
  • His turning point came when his life resembled someone sitting at a factory merely pressing a button repeatedly, he realized that if he could do something as medial as pushing a button at a factory, he could do more.
  • Shayne is self-taught in the skills needed to engage in his new ventures rather than going through conventional training.
  • “Peeling back the onion to nothingness, Now that I am back to nothingness, I was able to find the purpose of my life.”
  •  “Connecting your love and your purpose, finding that balance what your soul is yearning to do and mixing that with a process that you really enjoy.”

Practical ways to get unstuck & to be the change

  • Meditation- shares story of friend who meditates while he is sitting on the surfboard. You don not need to be in a monastery to meditate! It is about stilling your mind and quieting your mind from being bombarded with the endless chatter of the world.
  • Embrace what you believe. Don’t be afraid of change and don’t be afraid of who you are.
  • Just take one step at a time, start off with a blog, get into social media, don’t try and do it all by yourself. Open yourself up and allowing people into your space.

Highlight/Pinch Yourself Moment:

After the publication of the second volume of Sage, Shayne gets an email from someone over in the states, simply sharing that the magazine has touched them. “You don’t know what people are going through and the significant impact you can have on someone’s life.”

Who Has Been the Greatest Influence on Your Life?

“My father. The fact that he has touched so many people.” When Shayne was at his father’s bedside at his death, there were other people present. Initially, Shayne shares that he was angry about others being present while he and his sister were in mourning, but after the other visitors shared about the close bond they also had- that Shayne’s father was like their own father, Shayne was moved with the awareness about how many lives his father had touched. One of the greatest lessons he learned from his father was to always be open to helping others and to never give up in the face of adversity.

What would you like to be remembered for in this life?

“I want to be remembered by the change I made in people’s lives. I want people to look back and say he actually made a difference in my life.”

What is your definition of success?

“Doing what you love and doing what your soul purpose is.”

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