Meet Luka Lesson — Poet & Word Artist

Luka Lesson shares his story about the cathartic redirection of his life, from uncovering a passion and building a lifestyle around that passion. He has been fully supported by his dream for 2 years now and fortunately the success lead to Luka having to work incredibly hard to keep up with international performances.

Luka studied Anthropology and Indigenous Studies and worked a ‘good’ 9-5, but it was not his passion. After hitting a very low point in his life, he turned to journaling and writing and discovered the healing power of being able to express himself.


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Epic Quotes:

  • “Being able to scream my existence to the world, I think that is what a lot of us crave, to feel like we are being heard, that we exist.”
  • “It looks like a bad choice but it is going to feed my soul, in the end it comes to the point that you sit at your desk and it hurts, and it is a bigger risk to stay in that job than to step out and take the risk.”

Practical Steps for getting unstuck:

  • Completely immerse yourself in your art form. Watch, read, listen to, and consume as much of your art form as possible. Find a community to learn from and to be encouraged with.
  • Make sure you have a pool of money saved up- be prepared to hustle and go through a season of working incredibly hard.

Pinch Yourself Moment:

  • Performing at Luka’s dream venue in Melbourne, with his personal favorite poets supporting him. The audience gave Luka two standing ovations and following the event people were lined up to get his book.

Greatest influence on your life: 

Kahlil Gibran– his book The Prophet helped Luka get through some tough times

What do you want to be remembered for in this life?

“That it is possible to live with integrity, with social responsibility, and with a burning desire for the truth, and still have a really *&%$ing good time. Really help people find joy, and help people find their own self of freedom that no government, or media, or pill can give them- there is freedom in that.”

What is your definition of success?

A simple definition would be setting up daily small goals and knocking them down. A personal achievement/success for Luka would be to raise a family through being supported by his poetry.

Connect with Luka Lesson & check out his books and performances:

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