Meet Joel Boggess — Radio Host, Author, Life Coach

Through a near death experience at the age of 6 and a difficult family upbringing, Joel realized that there was a buried voice within him- when he finally discovered that voice, everything changed- his goal has been to help others uncover their hidden voice.


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  •  Most people go through life struggling to understand who they and why they were put on this earth- this is discovered through asking what excites them and what do they stand for.
  • Understanding this leads to clarity, with clarity comes confidence, with confidence comes direction. This is Joel’s formula C+C=D!
  • The performance driven society we live in forces us to become caught in living to an expectation that is not our genuine authentic set. You need to be courageous enough to break free and accept who you truly are.
  • Everything you do in life leaves you with bits and pieces of clues pointing you toward the unique purpose that you were meant to do. Learn from what you have done in the past.
  • Your passions should direct you toward a career rather than a career direction you toward your passion.

 Epic Lesson:

Most people tend to try and silence negative voices around them, all this does is tire a person out; you become tied up in a fight and distracted from doing what you are meant to be doing. Let them be! Let the haters hate and the critics criticize, remove yourself from those people and just press on with what you know you are meant to be doing.

3 Steps to Uncovering Your Voice:

1) Get an outside perspective on your gifts- ask your friends to give you a self-assessment. 2) Get to know yourself- take a personality test to find out your strengths and your gifts 3) Surround yourself with people that will only serve to encourage you toward that goal.

 Getting Started on Your Dream:

Explore your voice, begin living it on the side, start it as a part time venture while continuing to work in your current business. Don’t put your family or relationship in a financial hardship. Once you are able to bring yourself up to about half of the income of your job, that is when it is safe to step out.

Joel, what do you want to be remembered for?

Joel opens up about actually writing his own eulogy- he wanted to be the guy, who, because he was here on earth, people were able to finding healing, hope, and confidence.

 Who has been your greatest influence?

Outside of God and Christ, Dan & Joanne Miller. Darren Hardy and all the folks from Success magazine.

What is your definition of success?

“Doing what you love to do for people who love what you do for them.”

Connect With Joel:

 Final Words:

“Listen to your voice, no one else can hear it, tell your story no one else can speak it, run after your passion no one else can catch it; being true to the person that you were created to be is the best gift you can ever give to yourself, to your family, to the world, and to God.”