It is Never Too Late!

It Is Never Too Late!

Anybody else tired of hearing about the teenage millionaire? Or the millionaire before 25? Hey, if that is you, there is no bitterness (that may be a lie 🙂 ) But for folks who have just hit or are in their 30’s, hearing about all these young bucks dominating the game can be more deflating than encouraging. Thankfully, here is a list of people who did not find their niche and achieve their successes until they were in their 30’s. It is never too late to branch out and try something different!

Martha Stewart, the domestic diva who has been named on Forbes’ World’s Most Powerful Women, was well into her late thirties before she found the entrepreneurial groove that has made her a household name. With a stockbroking background working at a small firm for seven years, she broke away in 1976 to start a small catering business out of her own home. It was not long after that she was able to make over 1 million dollars in revenue. In 1982, at 41, she released her first book, Entertaining. In 1990, at 49 she came out with her well known magazine, Martha Stewart Living.

David Sedaris, renowned humorist, radio contributor and author who has repeated found himself on the New York Times Best Seller list; hit a milestone of over seven million books sold back in 2008. Not only has he been a repeat success as an author, he was a repeat failure as a double college dropout, later working as a house cleaner. It was not until the age of 37 that his first collections of essays were published. After having appeared in sold-out shows at venues including Carnegie Hall, a reporter, reflecting on Sedaris ‘unlikely’ success asked his father Lou his thoughts on seeing his son performing in Carnegie Hall, his father’s response: “Well, I expected to see him cleaning Carnegie Hall.”

Leonard Cohen, singer-songwriter honored with American and Canadian Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions, perhaps most best known for his song, Hallelujah, had somewhat of a “awkward and painful” journey to finding success. After dropping out of graduate school to focus on his novels and poetry, he had made a small name for himself with an audience in Canada, but it was not until his 30’s that his breakthrough came with the release of his first album, “Songs of Leonard Cohen,” eventually setting the ball rolling for a long career that has spanned many decades.

What’s the point? There is a wonderful quote attributed to the Roman philosopher Seneca: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Preparation includes failure and being in places that frustrate you- it is through those experiences that you are able to chip away at the stone that will become the masterpiece. Do not despise nor be despised by the feeling that you are behind the 8-ball and perhaps missed your opportunity to create something new. Be bold! Be brave! Do it!