Living The College Life: 5 Tips To Help You Leave Debt-Free

Your entire life, you are put into a schooling system, which trains you to work harder, smarter – more efficiently. As you grow up, you start to think about your dream job. You start to work hard to ensure that you can qualify for it.

But, life has a way of throwing a spanner in the works.

Tuition prices for college is currently at a sky-high, and it doesn’t look like it will be coming down anytime soon – making it increasingly difficult for students to join the ranks of higher education – nevermind actually managing to live while studying.

The good news is through this article, we have listed a couple of kick ass tips to help you survive your college years without winding up in debt that lasts a lifetime. These tips are from ramen-noodle crazed students who actually managed to graduate debt-free, so they do work!

Scholarships Are Going To Be Your Bread And Butter

For some reason, scholarships have an air of euphoria around them. Designed for the smartest intellectuals on the planets – not for everyday joes like you. At least that’s the common thinking.

But guess what?

You’re not an everyday joe.

Getting approved on a scholarship is the easiest way to ensure that you graduate college without a mountain of debt shackling you when you take to the big bad world. And it’s actually easier to get then you think.

Last year alone, there was over $2.9 billion in unclaimed scholarships, just sitting around – waiting for you to apply.

There are tons of ways to approach getting a scholarship. We suggest the first thing you do is head over to the financial aid office at your college, and request the appropriate forms. Of course, you can also search online with this free scholarship tool.

Here is an in-depth article to help you apply, and land your first scholarship to make the bills just that much easier to handle on a student’s wage.

Hustle That Extra Mile

No one wants to work minimum wage. Especially if you are a hustler. It feels degrading. After all, you’re time is valuable, right?

But the extra time you put in now, will help you secure a brighter financial future. And guess what? You don’t even need a job to make money!

But before we jump into the fantasy world – you want to look for part-time work. Something that you can juggle with the studies that are going to take up the majority of your time. Believe it or not, there are thousands of part-time jobs out there for you to choose from.

Of course, if you have a skill you are good at, you could also go the freelancer route. Choose your own hours, and work from home. Granted – the pay is not as stable, but it’s better then winding up debt just when you have the relief of putting the pencil down and throwing your cap in the air.

Think about it this way, even if you only make $5 an hour (which is a really crappy wage). That’s still going to be an extra $2000 a year – for working only 4 hours a day over weekends – not to shabby, right?

Take A Trip Home And Visit The Family On Those Awesome Vacay’s

Another great way to alleviate the financial burden of the college life is to head home. Say goodbye to ramen noodles, and parties for a week or two and visit the family.

If you’re parents don’t mind you hitching a ride in the basement, or attic – and it’s close to college, why go to a dorm at all? When you have tuition, textbooks, and tons of other fees – saving money on accommodation can make all the difference.

Unfortunately Budgeting Is Going To Be A Necessary Evil

When I first started out independant – I loved budgets. Man, it was such a breeze the first month.

Then the second month came, and I wasn’t so hot about it anymore.

The third month? I absolutely hated it!

The truth is budgets are virtually impossible to stick to. Life is full of too many unexpected surprises. But the ideology behind a budget is not to restrict your cash flow – but rather to understand where your money is going.

After all, if you blow $1000 in a month on entertainment – you’re going to want to spend a bit less the following month, right?

Don’t get me wrong, budgeting can be really tough. But it’s also a great way to control the impact that unexpected expenses has on you. As you can budget in a miscellaneous section, and even start saving right from your first year in the higher education system.

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